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Clementoni Puzzle Mount Fuji, 1000 Piece

This immaculate view of Mount Fuji during Japan's spring months is absolutely mesmerizing.  The tallest mountain in all of Japan, Mount Fuji towers over everything in its wake, and is visible for many miles.  This image gives us the beautiful pleasure of spring-time trees encompassing the base of the mountain, giving us a unique and lavish look to the mountain as a whole.

This 27" x 19" 1000 piece puzzle creates an extremely unique viewing experience for Mount Fuji, as not only is its towering nature encapsulated, but so too is are the beautiful spring-time leaves covering the very base of the mountain, giving it a distinct color and characteristic never before seen.  Definitely a fantastic addition to any puzzler's collection.


27" x 19" 

68.58 x 48.26 cm