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YoYoFactory DV888

The YoYoFactory DV888™ is the result of a long-time mission: to create a quality METAL yoyo everyone can perform tricks on. Best yoyo for beginners that can be upgraded to pro-level with the simple bearing upgrade kit. (bearing kit here«) In order to accomplish this goal, YoYoFactory transferred all of the revolutionary technology from our premium metal Yo-Yos into a very simple and comfortable design. The DV888 is composed of high-grade 6061 aluminum for durable performance, a smooth anodized surface, a half SPEC bearing for long spins, and the same silicone pad response for snappy returns to the hand and maintenance-free play. Whether it’s your first metal Yo-Yo or your go-to Yo-Yo for the next major performance, the DV888 will not disappoint! 

The DV888 is a responsive yoyo,


Weight | 66g

Diameter | 50.1mm

Width | 38.8mm

Gap Width | 3.15mm

Bearing | CBC Large Half Spec Bearing

Response | CBC Large Thick Pads

Responsive means that when you tug the string of a sleeping yoyo, it will return to your hand. This is a starter yoyo. 

Assorted colours - each sold separately. 8+ years.