The Genius Square

The Genius Square is an award winning and well-made puzzle game that you will become addicted to! Each puzzle can be solved from the 62,208 possible solutions! Play solo, or race an opponent to fill the grid. Using a specially devised computer program, it is confirmed that all of the combinations have at least one possible solution, some have multiple solutions! This table game is well-designed and includes grids, dice, blockers, and 9 different shapes with different colours. Easy to travel with and simply have fun. STEM board game that promotes problem solving, spacial awareness, and motor manipulation skill training.  6+ years.
How to Play:
1. Roll all seven dice together
2. Each player places the 7 blockers into the squares of each grid to match the seven co-ordinates that appear on the dice
3. RACE TIME! Each player will fill the 9 coloured shapes into every other space on the grid to against the opponent
4. Whoever finishes first is the winner!
5. Also available for 1 player. You can play alone and challenge yourself against the clock, or find out more solutions!

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