StikBot Studio Pro Pets

Stikbot Studio Pro Pets is an amazing stop motion animation set to shape kids' imagination and creativity into endless possibilities. The stage is designed to for the Stikbot to be easily posed from multiple angles using their suction cup hands and feet. Two prop boxes can be placed in front of Stikbot to create 3-D effect. Have a green Stikbot? Flip the set - also comes the blue screen to be used with a green Stikbot. The free Stikbot Studio mobile app, available on iOS and Android, snaps individual photos and stitches them together into a film, complete with built-in music and sound effects. The green screen function of the app allows kids to upload their own photos or use the images available in the App as the background in their stop-motion animation movie. Stikbot Studio Pro includes 1 tripod , 2 stikbots, 1 stikbot pet and a 2-in-1 stage green/blue screen. 4+ years.

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