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Smartivity Globe Explorer

Smartivity Globe Trotter is an Augmented Reality (AR) enabled toy that helps your child build their own globe and gain valuable knowledge of every country on the planet.  Follow the instructions in the manual to make your globe. Once constructed, your globe has a Mechanical Rotator Mechanism, Latitude - Longitude spinners, and 2 dice (Mode of Transport, Number Of Moves). Using these, you can play physical Single/Multiplayer games like: Race Around The World - where you can use the dice to race from start point A to end point B on the globe. Treasure Hunt - where you have to visit 3 different points on each continent, as you move your pegs around the globe searching for resources, animals and monuments.  Day-Night Game - Learn how the planet experiences Day and Night as it rotates around its axis.  236 pieces.  8+ years.