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Repogle Traveller Globe

The Traveller Desk Globe features a blue oceanglobe that is a great tool for school, college, home or office use. This desk globe is lightweight and durable. Young people will appreciate the detailed legend and easy to distinguish political boundaries as their interest in the world's current events expands. This colourful globe has clear political boundaries with over 4,000 place names. It also features raised relief, revealing the world's main mountain ranges in a tactile way. The graduated semi-meridian of the Traveller world globe and matching base are scratch resistant and extremely durable. This globe also has a time dial allowing time zones to be calculated. Has a smoke black plastic base with semi-meridian. Globe is 30.5 cm (12 inches) in diameter and 40.6 cm (16 inches) tall.

Available in-store and online. Please note that due to the size and weight, this item is only available by Local Delivery (in-store pickup) or for delivery within the GTA by Mile1.