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Playmobil Novelmore III Burnham Raiders Fire Ship

Welcome to Novelmore, knights! The medieval town of Novelmore became famous following the creation of the armor "invicibus". Its mythical power makes whoever wears it invincible! No wonder the Burnham Raiders are no longer the only ones to covet this treasure. Mysterious magicians and an army of skeletons have also set out to conquer this magical armor. Will Prince Arwynn and the Knights of Novelmore succeed in defending the Invicibus?  With the battleship, the Burnham Raiders are no longer afraid of anything. The two swivelling cannons provide a certain destructive power, while the tip of the ship's bow can be used as protection against a ram or straightened at 90° angle to make a grapple. Thus, Burnham Raiders are free to choose whether they prefer to attack or defend themselves.  Includes two characters.  4+ years.