Pig the Star

Pig the pug Pug is back in another starring role! "Pig was a pug and I’m sorry to say, he just LOVED attention. He’d show off all day." Pig and Trevor try on outfit after outfit while getting their photos taken. Pig gets a little too swept up in the moment - he decides he’s a star. A movie star! No - a pop star! Wait . . . a rap star! The ONLY star! He takes over every shot until the terrible moment when the photographer discovers who’s got real star potential and it isn’t Pig . . . It’s Trevor, Pig’s long-suffering companion. Pig’s attempts to turn the spotlight back on himself do not go well and maybe, just maybe this time, he learns a little lesson about "hogging" all the attention. Author: Aaron Blabey. Hardcover. 3+ years.

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