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Magformers Basic Plus 30 Piece Set

Create 3D structures from 2D nets with the Magformers 30 Piece Set. This set introduces 2 new shapes - magnetic circles and squares with circles inside. These new shapes bring great new creativity to any 3D structure made using Magformers like circular windows, portholes, or make believe "wheels". In this box there are 4 circles, 4 squares with circle inners, 12 squares and 10 triangles. Every piece contains strong neodymium magnets safely sealed in every edge, but because the magnets freely rotate, they always connect and never repel when two pieces are brought together. It's very easy to lay Magformers flat, forming a mathematical net, and pull them up to form 3D towers, cubes and other shapes. The set is compatible with all our other Magformers sets, so pieces can be combined with existing collections to make amazing structures.