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Locales Design Print - Don Mills


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Don Mills, one of Toronto's most popular neighbourhoods, was designed in 1952 as the first planned community in Canada.  Don Mills puts into practice many of the ideas of the Garden city movement for a multi-use community focused on distinct neighbourhoods, by incorporating the primary benefits of a countryside environment and a city environment while avoiding the disadvantages presented by both. Many aspects of its design have been imitated in suburban developments across Canada.  The Don Mills area was first settled by Europeans in 1817. The Don River, featured in this design, provided an easy means of transportation, a source of power for local mills, and a home for wildlife.  Don Mills area remained rural until after the Second World War. . In 1950 the area consisted of about 20 farms.

Locales Design is the creation of Carolyn Graziani, a seasoned Graphic Designer, based in Toronto.  Carolyn's professional life has included working in the media as the Art Director at Citytv, as well as Art Direction and Design in the Advertising and Publishing industries. Each original design offers Carolyn's playful take on a colourful neighbourhood locale.

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