LiteHawk Hovercraft Ranger

Who has not ever wanted an R/C hovercraft - land to sea and back! Really, it's the perfect blend between a car that can go in water and a boat that can scoot onto shore! Introducing Ranger hovercraft! Propelled by two fan motors it easily glides across smooth surfaces! Unique controller can expand to hold your smartphone - now you have a Captains Chair View with Ranger's built in camera! Yes, first person view is live streamed to your phone or tablet so you can go on the same adventure that Ranger is on! Ranger has a centrally mounted motor that starts up the instant you turn on the hovercraft, raising Ranger off the ground and into a "floating" position - it's now ready for action! Push forward on the controller stick to start the twin rear mounted fans and you are off! Ranger is a brand new RC experience - offering you the chance to skim across smooth surfaces like water, ground and even ice! Fully Factory Assembled including accordion style controller (that you can place your phone into), NIMH battery and charger, along with re-usable packaging....LiteHawk RANGER is ready for adventure! 9+ years.

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