LiteHawk DJ-BOT Lime Twist

DJ-BOT Lime Twist is the incredible little robot with charisma. This fun, dancing robot will entertain, teach, inspire and excite your child‰۪s imagination! Combining music, lights and dance, children will be entertained for hours on end while simultaneously learning to code DJ-BOT with cool dance moves and emoji faces to songs on their play list. Code and re-code to create that perfect dance move sequence and face combo. The DJ-BOT is loaded with fun technology and features including: A Bluetooth speaker that connects to your music library, a joke telling comedian, ability to pilot your robot from the control pad on your device, App enabled Bluetooth control lets you take charge, learn to code by programming your own dance moves frame by frame, program emoji faces to show DJ‰۪s mood, DJ can avoid objects when controlled through the direction pad, and DJ-BOT can run for over 90 minutes on a charge. Includes a USB charger cord. 8+ years.

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