Kruselings Sofia Deluxe

Long ago an incredible power in Dreamland created the Kruselings to watch over the dreams and denizens of Dreamland. From around the world five responsible and caring girls were chosen whose different personalities would combine to create a formidable band of Dreamland protectors. Granted magical abilities and charmed items, this young team faced challenges, conquered fears, forged friendships, and made dreams come true. Generations upon generations later, a new band of Kruselings continue the tradition of protecting Dreamland and its denizens like many brave girls before. Here’s Sofia, a nature lover from Lima, can use her magic flower to communicate with all different forms of life. Sofia has brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a green dress, boots, magic flower and of course her beautiful wings. Set also includes everyday wear of pink dress, jean jacket, ballerina slippers and a frilly bag with hairbrush. Sofia doll is made of vinyl, has movable joints and can stand. 22.9 cm (9 inches) tall. 3+ years.

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