Klutz Sew Your Own: Fluffy Cat Pillow

Sew your own decor with cat-titude! Choose from one of five meow-velous styles to create a pillow that matches your personality. Mermaid Cat sports a seashell collar, Feline Fashionista is complete with beret and oversized sunglasses, Fancy Kitty has a fabulous sequin tiara, Smart Kitten wears adorable nerd glasses, and Spa Kitty is ready to relax in her sparkly sleeping mask. With the step-by-step instructions, you'll learn how to make the felt accessories, embroider a face with a unique expression, and finally stitch and stuff the precut printed fabric and wonderfully soft pink faux fur. This project will have you feline cozy in no time! Comes with: Faux fur, fabric, stuffing, floss in 4 colours, sewing needling, sequins in 2 colours, pre-cut felt, felt in 4 colours, paper patterns. 8+ years.

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