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Hexbug Battle Tarantula Duo

Watch as sci-fi comes to life in front of your eyes! Each tarantula has a remote control, and comes fueled with futuristic voice and sound effects. High-tech infrared technology allows the Battle Tarantula to actually "fire". Damage detectors measure each hit, ensuring every match ends with only one bot standing. With scurrying legs and sensory capabilities, you'll swear these robots were real; they even recoil and react with every impact shot! Battle Tarantula have a 1 meter fire range and are able to fire once per second or continually until hit. When hit the Battle Tarantula will be stunned for one second. After 10 times of being hit the Battle Tarantula shuts down and a lifelike heartbeat light will rapidly flash leaving the lone champion standing! A unique, battle-hardened deco and hi-tech life-sensor that measures each hit adds to ultimate battle experience. The six-legged tarantula features 360 degree steering and an LED forward eye, allowing you to maneuver it around objects and control precisely where it scurries as it battles against its opponent. Each Battle Tarantula features a two-channel infrared remote control. The two-channel remote enables the user to operate multiple tarantulas independently or at the same time. Includes one orange and one blue Battle Tarantula. Batteries included. 8+ years.