Heebie Jeebies Bacteria Farm

With this biology science kit, children will be learning about bacteria while performing 3 easy hands-on experiments. While learning about different types of bacteria, kids will be making a variety of cultures and growing "gross stuff." This kit is educational, fun, and makes children aware of the germs around them. Don't forget to wash your hands! Included in this kit: 1 Cultivation Plate, 100 ml Beaker, 10 Cotton Swabs, 2 g Powdered Gelatin, Magnifying Glass 5 ml Syringe, and a Measuring Spoon. What You Need From Home: Microwave oven, water, tape, broth/stock, consomme, cocoa powder, wheat flour, soap, antiseptic solution (alcohol based), cotton wool balls, vinegar, salt. 8+ years.

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