GoTrio Travel Game

Otrio now comes in the new on-the-go version, gotrio! This popular Tic Tac toe game with a twist is fun to take along to the park, beach, or playground. Pop open the handy case and the game is ready to play. Players choose a colour and then take turns placing pieces into the playing area until someone gets 3-in-an-“o” and yells “otrio!” there are three ways to get an otrio. Get three circular pieces of your colour in a row in order from big to small. Get three pieces of the same size in a row. Or get three concentric pieces in the same space. Though smaller in size, This travel version has the same strategic play as the original game. Keep on your toes as you analyze the other players’ moves and plan yours so you can be the first to call out “otrio!” For 2 to 3 players. 8+ years.

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