Goosebumps Movie 2: Haunted Halloween

The book of the epic new frightfest. Tip: if Slappy looks happy, it’s time to run! It’s Halloween, and Goosebumps is hitting the big screen again for more devilish laughs and spooky scares. Demented dummy Slappy and all his creepy pals are back – and Slappy is looking horribly smug. Oh dear! What’s he up to? But don’t panic just yet. No, wait – do panic! This evil dummy isn’t content with coming to life. See those masks and those skeleton outfits in the Halloween costume store? Slappy has a plan for them. A nasty plan. Be very scared…The official novel of the new Goosebumps movie. Full of chills, thrills and laugh-out-loud horror. Includes eight pages of colour photos from the film. Author: R.L. Stine. Paperback. 9+ years.

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