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Dutch Blitz

In Dutch Blitz players accumulate points by building as many cards in sequence, from 1-10, as possible. There are 4 decks of 40 cards and each one has a different design: pump, plow, carriage, and pail. Each player chooses one of these designs for the duration of the entire game. The other side of the cards are coloured red, blue, green or yellow, and are numbered 1-10. All players play at the same time with the goal of placing their cards on the dutch piles in the center in ascending sequence. Players score points based on how many cards they played on the dutch piles and lose points based on how many cards they were not able to play. The game is played in hands, and each hand ends when a player depletes his/her "blitz" pile and says, "Blitz!". Players then score their points and proceed to playing the next hand. This process is repeated until someone has reached 75 points, making them the winner! Dutch Blitz is an excellent game for developing quick sequencing and sorting skills, and just for a purely fun time! 2-4 players. 8+ years.