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Give Me Back My Dad

Cheryl and her dad go ice fishing, but it turns out that the fish are pretty smart. They are trying to catch the people right back! In the end, Cheryl and her father bring home something really good . . . and it's not a fish at all! This story was inspired by a young girl in Rigolet, Labrador.

Twenty years ago Robert Munsch went ice fishing with a girl named Cheryl and her father, and this story was born. Readers were encouraged to vote for their favourite of three stories set in different areas of Canada. With a groundswell of support drive by local media outlets and enthusiastic fans from Rigolet, a town of approximately 300 people, the charming story about the ice fishing adventure of a young girl and her father secured 43% of the total 170,000 votes!

Author: Robert Munsch. Paperback. 4+ years.