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In Carcassonne players draw and place tiles that depict different parts of a landscape. Each tile may depict a city, road, cloister, grassland or some combination of these features. The tile being played must be placed next to a previously played tile so that cities connect to cities, roads connect to roads, and so on. After playing a tile, the player decides to place a meeple on either the city, road, cloister or grassland. When the area that the meeple is placed on is completed, that area will score points for the owner. As the game progresses, players will have to reason between expanding and completing their own areas or disrupting the completion of the opponents' areas, and where the best place to put their meeple is. Although there are many possibilities per turn and quite a bit of thought goes into the placement of pieces, there is only 1 tile and 1 meeple to place per turn, so the game moves at a good pace! 2-5 players. 8+ years.