Bungee Blast Pump Rocket Jr. LED Night Shotz

Light up the night (or day!) with The Bungee Blast Jr. LED Night Shotz pump rocket. There is an elastic bungee cord inside the pump cylinder to turbo boost the launching power. Load a foam rocket into one end and pull back the cylinder, feeling the increasing tension of the cord inside. Then let go. Kids will be amazed as the stored energy of the cord pushes the piston of air very forcefully, blasting the rocket out at hyper-speed. It’s like putting a turbo-charger inside! Nestled inside the soft foam nose of each rocket is a rugged LED light, activated by an on/off switch. Launch the rocket with a simple foot stomp, and watch in awe as the rocket ascends high - up to 30.5 m (100 feet)! 3+ years.

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