Bigmouth Pool Float Eager Beaver River Tube

Easiest question you’ll get all day: What “wood” you rather raft with - a plain ol’ inner tube or a gigantic beaver? This Beaver River Tube is made of ultra-thick, heavy-duty vinyl construction for durability, yet inflates with ease. When it’s time to get into maximum-relaximum position (we just made that up, feel free to use it), stretch out and lay your head on the beaver’s tail - it’s as cushy as your favourite pair of slippers. Inside, there’s a mesh seat - comfy yet? Good…because the idea here is to do pretty as little as possible while floating along. A rigid cupholder keeps those cups from getting crushed while staying upright - having an ice-cold drink nearby is a must when those temps crack triple digits. The Grab n' Latch rope around the perimeter of the tube means you'll never get separated from your buds. Inflated dimensions: 124.5 x 117 x 57 cm (49 x 46 x 22.5 inches). Maximum weight: 90.7 kgs (200 lbs). 8+ years.

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