Bananagrams is an excellent word-based game that will have you racing to complete your very own crossword! Anyone who loves word games like Scrabble and croswords is sure to love Banagrams! All of the letter tiles are placed face down in the center and each player gets 11-21 tiles, depending on how many players there are. Players then flip over their tiles and begin to construct their own crossword as quick as possible. At any time, a player may trade a difficult letter for 3 letters from the center. Whenever a player runs out of tiles they shout, "Peel" and take a tile from the center. All other players must also take another tile at this time. Play proceeds likes this until there are no letters left in the center. The 1st person to get rid of all their letters and shout, "Bananas!" is the winner! The speed of the game creates an energetic and fun atmosphere for a game that will help build spelling and vocabulary skills! 2-8 players. 7+ years.

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