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Bakugan Starter Geogan Rising

This Bakugan Starter Set from Series 2 comes with 3 Transforming Bakugan: 2 Bakugan and 1 Bakugan Ultra, begin the battle! Bakugan pop open when rolled across BakuCores and Ultra leap open, picking up BakuCores to reveal their hidden power! The Starter Pack has everything you need to roll! Face off against friends and use the Gate-Card for even more ways to play! Earn bonuses to add to your Bakugan`s power!  Add over 200 Season 3 Geogan Rising Bakugan to your collection, including new and returning characters, plus powerful Geogan, with new shapes and unique pop open transformations!  Start your epic Bakugan collection with the Starter Pack and roll into action, just like you`ve seen on the TV show (now on NETFLIX)!  Assorted colorus - each sold separately.  6+ years.