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Anomia Party Game

What is Anomia? Anomia is the inability to recall or recognize objects. It's also this very fun card game! This party edition will introduce new and seasoned players to more symbols and categories than ever before! One at a time, players draw a card from the draw pile and place it face up in front of them. There should always be only one face-up card in front of each player. This means that each new card your draw gets place on top of the one you previously drew. Each card has a symbol and a noun on it. Players keep drawing cards until two cards have matching symbols. When this happens, the 2 players to whom the cards belong enter into a duel, and the winner is the first person to give a correct example of the person, place or thing on their opponent's card! The winner gets to take the loser's top card and create/add to their win pile. Pay attention! The loser now has a new card on top so there may be another match! Not only do you have to be quick to recognize matching simples, but you have to pay attention to what the noun on your opponents' cards are! The winner is the player with the most cards in his/her win pile after the draw pile is completely depleted. 3-6 players. 10+ years.