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Aaron's Thinking Putty World Hypercolor - Mystifying Mermaid

In the 70s, it was mood rings. In the 80s, clothing. Want to get your hands on a timeless thermochromic product? Try our Hypercolor Thinking Putty! This groovy putty changes colour with just the heat of your hands. The awesome effect makes it perfect for twists, duo-toned sculptures, 5-minute breaks, and other timeouts. Put it in the fridge then against a warm coffee mug to experience an even more intense colour change. Appearing in the folklore of cultures all over the world, the mermaid has fantastical powers that work in mysterious ways. Mystifying Mermaid Thinking Putty is just as spellbinding. Awash with sparkling shimmer, it transforms from seafoam green to light aquamarine with just the warmth of your hand. Includes beautiful irridescent sparkles. Hypercolour Thinking Putty is thermochromic - just a touch from your hands or a warm coffee mug will reveal a new "hot" colour. Allow it to cool off or stick it in the fridge! Made in USA. 227 g (.5 lbs). 3+ years.