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Aaron's Thinking Putty World Hypercolor - Epic Amethyst

In the 70s, it was mood rings. In the 80s, clothing. Want to get your hands on a timeless thermochromic product? Try our Hypercolor Thinking Putty! This groovy putty changes colour with just the heat of your hands. The awesome effect makes it perfect for twists, duo-toned sculptures, 5-minute breaks, and other timeouts. Put it in the fridge then against a warm coffee mug to experience an even more intense colour change. Hidden deep in the heart of geodes, amethyst is one of nature's best-kept secrets. When an exterior of dull, grey rock breaks open to reveal a pink and purple crystal masterpiece, it's nothing short of epic. Make your own discovery with Epic Amethyst Thinking Putty. A deep purple, it gradually warms to bright pink before your eyes. Made in USA. 227 g (.5 lbs). 3+ years.