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About us


Have you ever seen a pirate ship in the middle of a store?

You can't miss the "Toy Ahoy" as soon as you walk into Treasure Island Toys! Our pirate ship is the centre of the action in a store dedicated to having fun and inspiring imagination. With multiple play stations around the shop, kids can play while adults shop stress-free. Drop in try out our Brio Train Table, Hape conductor play train,  Hape Doll House and Hape kitchen. We also offer many free events including story time, craft days, demos of games toys and more! 




Experience and Knowledge

Since 1988 Treasure Island Toys has been an independently owned and operated toy store on the Danforth. With the product knowledge that comes with so many years of experience, our staff can help you make the best selection whether you are shopping for a newborn or a teenager.

As mothers, shop owners Katie and Lori personally understand the needs of new parents, developmental stages and toys that kids love. We know what is popular at school and what works best at home. Combined with the experience of our staff, we have created a team of toy experts!



We strive to carry the best selection of toys in the city! We understand the value of a good toy – whether it is educational, developmental, active, artistic or just meant to put a smile on someone’s face! From popular brands like Lego and Playmobil to specialty lines like Maileg and Steiff, we believe all toys are meant to be played with, and all play is important. Some of the attributes we value most in our products are:

Safety – Above all, toys must be safe. This means they are non-toxic and free of phthalates, lead, formaldehyde, pvcs and other dangerous chemicals. We stay current on all product recalls and act quickly to notify customers when they happen.

Quality – Toys must be well made and withstand the test of time. An age-appropriate toy should be durable and long-lasting.

Eco-Friendly – We are strong supporters of environmentally friendly toys. We have a large selection of products made from sustainable resources and earth-friendly materials.

Local –We believe it is important to support local businesses; this gives back to the local economy and has the added benefit of reducing greenhouse gases. We are proud to carry products developed by people in our community like uKloo and Barbara Reid books!

Play Value – For us, a toy with good play value has lasting appeal, can be used in different ways, teaches numerous skills and encourages exploration. It separates the toys that will be played with once and then forgotten from the toys that will last for years and passed on to friends and family.

Fun – Sometimes it’s as simple as that! We look for toys that are fun – fun for our staff to play with and fun for our customers. It could be a surprise in a loot bag or a little reward for good behavior; however, you really don’t need an excuse to have fun!