Scooters, Scooters and more Scooters

Have you noticed there has been a revolution in transportation?  Everywhere you go people are riding scooters!  Scooters have been a hugely popular means of transportation in Europe for a number of years and now kids and adults in Toronto and across Canada are catching on.  And why not?  Scooters are an easy and efficient way to get around especially in neighbourhoods like ours -the Danforth.  Scooters are a great alternative for young kids who don't want to sit in a stroller but can't keep up with Mom and Dad when they are running errands in the neighbourhood.  They make getting to school fast easy in the morning and they're tons of fun to race around the block on the weekend.  Since they are less bulky than bikes, scooters can be easily looked up outside or folded to fit in your trunk when your going on a road trip.

Designed in Switzerland, Micro Kickboard Scooters have taken over the market in Toronto.  Micro has a scooter for every age and skill level, whether your looking for a fun ride for your toddler or a street-carver for your teenager.  The three wheel Micro Kickboard Mini and Maxi scooters feature a unique lean-to-steer that allows children to use their body weight to steer the scooter and is great for beginners to older kids who want a smooth, stable ride.  The Micro Kickboard Sprite is a two wheel scooter that is lightweight, durable and offers a quiet, smooth ride.  The more advanced Micro Kickboard Rocket features extra fat wheels, high performance bearings and a wide aluminum deck making it a super-comfortable and cool ride.  All Micro Kickboard Scooters feature a modular construction and components can be replaced if necessary.  These scooters are built for fun and durability!




Lori Parker
Lori Parker


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