Our Top 10 Activities for a Rainy Day!

After a taste of spring last week it has been a little hard to adjust to having to stay inside on a wet, cold day. But it is April and we have to be prepared for a few rainy days.  Here is our top 10 list of things to do on a rainy day:

10.  Have fun with stickers.  These Melissa and Doug Reuseable Sticker Pads are loaded with over 150 stickers that will keep your kids busy for hours! Ages 3+  

Melissa & Doug Sticker Pad Fairies

9.  Play Pop-Up Pirate - who doesn't love this game?  Ages 4+

Tomy Super Pop Up Pirate

8. Do a puzzle.  Challenge your little ones with a puzzle like this beautiful Puss 'n Boots Silhouette Puzzle from Djeco.  Ages 5+

Djeco Silhouette Puzzle - Puss in Boots, 50 Piece

7.  Try some new food.  Spend the afternoon making hamburgers, pizza, ice cream or donuts with Tutti Fruiti dough sets.  Ages 3+

Tutti Frutti Hamburgers

6.  Get creative.  The art kit from Alex will have you and your kids creating stunning works of art.  Ages 3+.

Alex - Essential Art Set

5.  Discover some scientific wonders.  Scientific explorers sets will amaze you and your kids with the wonders of light up ice putty, gross glow bouncers and (my favourite) hydro super sand!  Ages 6+

Scientific Explorer Hydro Super Sand

4.  Build something new.  Klutz Lego Chain Reactions is packed with instructions and ideas to build amazing Lego machines!  Ages  8+

Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions

3.  Start a band.  This Hape Early Melodies Rhythm Set will have everyone dancing the afternoon away!  Ages 1+

Hape Early Melodies Rhythm Set

2.  Read a book.  Cuddle up with a good book, or two, and enjoy spending time together.  All ages!!


1.  And our favourite activity for a rainy day..... visit Treasure Island Toys!!!   Get out of the rain and come in and play at your local toy store!! 


Lori Parker
Lori Parker


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