Winter is here, whether we like or not!

As I bundle up to take the dog for a walk in the evening, my first thought is, WOW it is cold out! But as I walk I see the moon is bright, the snow is sparkling and there are still a few Christmas lights twinkling! My thoughts change to the fact that we live in Canada and it is winter, so let’s enjoy the weather because it can be quite beautiful!
Of course there are days that I just can’t take the cold anymore and it is too much to bundle up and go sledding or skating or outside at all! That’s when I love to pull out the games we got for Christmas or ones we haven't played in a while!

Some of our favourites are:

A classic:
The Game of Life! Ages 10+
I loved this one when I was young and I still enjoy playing it with my 12 year old daughter and her friends!

A new one this year:
Eye Know a Trivia Game, Ages 14+
We play this with the whole family even my 9 year old son and 12 year old daughter. You put your visual memory and general knowledge to work with this one!

Another family favourite:
PicWits, ages 10+
Lots of laughs with this one as you pick you picture to best match the judges caption card!

One that is quick and simple:
City Square Off, ages 8+
Place your building strategically on the grid board and start flipping shape cards to place your tiles on the grid. When you have no more room to place a tile your opponent wins! Can be played over and over and never gets old!

Cute first game:
Peek-a-doodle-doo, ages 3+
This is an “egg-cellent first game for your little one. It is a fun interactive memory game that everyone will enjoy.

We are always on the lookout for new and unique games to bring into the store, and our staff, who love to try them all, can help you find the right ones for the right ages for the right occasions! If you can’t make it into the store because it is too cold (haha!) you can shop conveniently online!

Lori Parker
Lori Parker


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