'Tis the Season!!!

It’s official, the Holiday Season is here! The first signs for me were the red cups and cranberry bliss bars at Starbucks. Now everywhere I go, it’s looking more and more like Christmas! It’s also feeling more like Christmas, and as much as we may try to deny it, it is time for winter coats and hats.

In our official role as Santa’s Helpers, we are thrilled to share this magical season with our customers and friends. We have worked really hard putting together a list of our favourite toys and are so excited to present our very own 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. All year long we have looked for fun and unique items to fill this guide and it was really difficult to narrow down our selection. From some of the most popular brands like Lego and Playmobil to specialty items from Kathe Kruse and Sandblox, this guide truly has something for everyone.

Every year we are asked what are the hottest toys of the season. This year Minecraft and Frozen toys will be at the top of many wish lists. As parents we understand the popularity of these brands and we love how they spark a child’s imagination and creativity. How many Elsa’s did you see on Halloween? And what exactly is an Enderman??

  Minecraft Enderman                     Frozen Singing Olaf

We are also seeing a growing demand for robotic toys like the T4 Transforming Solar Robot and the ever popular Hexbugs.


T4 Transforming Solar Robot

Hexbug Scarab

After the Rainbow Loom craze last year, there is a renewed interest in crafting. Some of our favourites are the new String Art Kit, Loopdeloom Spindle Weaving and The Pom Pom Kit. All of these are from the same people who brought us the Loopdedoo Bracelet Kit and they all make beautiful, hand-crafted works of art that your children will be proud to wear and display. I love them so much I can’t wait to start creating my own pompoms and scarves!

The Pom Pom Kit

We have also seen an increase in parents looking for toys to keep their children active this winter. The new Slackers Balance Blox Set is sure to be popular this season. Following the huge success of Slackers Slacklines last summer, this set can be used in your home or backyard (for those of us who don’t have a backyard big enough for the original Slackline). With two balance blocks for support, this slackline hangs closer to the ground and is ideal for younger kids but it will hold up to 125 lbs.

Slackers Balance Blox Kit

There are so many new toys this season and the store is constantly changing. So come in and visit, talk to our elves and check us out online. We are looking forward to helping you with your holiday shopping and putting in a good word for you with our friend in the North Pole!

Lori Parker
Lori Parker


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