Choosing that ‘just right’ gift for your grandchild

Author:  Joanne Bertrand, Treasure Island Toys Sales Associate.

I was reflecting last night about why I enjoy working at Treasure Island so much. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that make me smile – like a little toddler a few weeks ago who was playing at our Brio train table. He was carefully pushing a train around the tracks and every now and then, he would stop and yell at the top of his lungs “All d’abord – all d’abord”! It was making many people in the store smile, in fact.

It is also really satisfying to guide customers, who are in a quandary about what to buy, to some of the toys they may not have considered. As a grandmother I, too, often wonder what will be that special and memorable gift that will most delight my granddaughter. Certainly, some of the successful choices have been things she has asked for – like her Kickboard Sprite scooter.  I gave that to her on her 5th birthday and she has been riding it (with joy) for 3 summers now. She was also thrilled to be one of the first in her rural neighbourhood to get a Rainbow Loom from Nanny.

But I’ve also been surprised by her reaction to things I’ve given her that she did not ask for but that I selected myself. For example, she loved these more traditional toys that I remembered having fun with many years ago as a child myself and raising her Daddy: a snakes and ladders board game, the horseshoes game for the cottage, a harmonica and a bug viewer.

Children really do have the capacity to find fun in so many different types of activities. It’s amazing. So, it’s good to think ‘outside the box’ when choosing your gifts for them.

Don’t forget Grandparents Day at our store the last Thursday in every month when grandparents get 15% off their entire purchase.



Katie MacKinnon
Katie MacKinnon


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