Could Summer really be here?!

The warm weather has finally arrived and I think it may be here to stay for a while! I don’t know about you but I was so done with winter and so were my kids! I cannot keep them inside now, they want to ride their scooters, bikes, have water fights, play “manhunt” (a game they made up and I am still not certain how it is played) or just hang out trading Pokeman cards on the front lawn! I love to listen to them screeching with delight, I don’t even mind the bandages I have had to put on minor scrapes and bruises.

School is coming to an end and some kids are going to camp, some are just hanging out with friends and family, there are cottages to go to, the list is endless. There are many things around the city to do that are free; parks and splash pads, The Brickworks, Parks and Rec outdoor pools, Withrow Market every Saturday (kids zone)and of course free crafts every Wednesday at Treasure Island Toys starting in July and some new clubs in the afternoons coming soon too!

Whether you are working, staying in the city, camping, cottaging or whatever you are doing remember to hydrate, sunscreen, wear helmets, stay safe and most of all HAVE FUN!

Katie MacKinnon
Katie MacKinnon


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